This blog has been established as a means of sharing some of the recent progress that has been made in the field of biofuels. My name is Andrew Jungman, I am a senior masters student at Florida International University (FIU). I work as a graduate research assistant for the Agroecology Program at FIU. My research has focused on the production of biodiesel from agriculture and waste feedstock. I have studied the production life cycle of several feedstock such as seed oil, waste vegetable oil, and animal fat.Plus, the establishment of small scale biodiesel production models locally and abroad. I hope to share some of my experiences related to biodiesel production with a wider audience through this blog.

Furthermore, there are other members of the Agroecology Program at FIU that have been researching biofuels that will be posting in the future. We have already disseminated some of our research experience through the education of undergraduate students, k-12 students and teachers, and other means of communication. We are hoping to reach a wider audience with this blog.

Thank you for finding this page and we hope you find the information helpful or interesting.

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